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  • WGCⅡVertical Gear CouplingWGCⅡVertical Gear CouplingThe quality of our company's WGCⅡ vertical gear coupling reaches the standard.Our company guarantees...
  • LMS quincunx elastic couplingLMS quincunx elastic couplingThe LMS plum-shaped elastic coupling has high quality and low price, the model, &nbs...
  • SWC universal couplingSWC universal couplingSWC universal couplings can be widely used in metallurgy, lifting, engineering transportation, mining, petroleum, ships...
  • T type plum blossom hexagonal water pump counter wheel padT type plum blossom hexagonal water pump counter wheel padThe T-shaped plum blossom hexagonal water pump counter-wheel pad is the main product produced by our company. Its quality is excellent,...
  • Z12B type expansion joint sleeveZ12B type expansion joint sleeveThe Z12B type expansion coupling sleeve can combine the shaft hub with a larger fit gap. When disassembling, the bolt...
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  • SWCBH universal couplingRelease Date: 2016-03-31

    SWCBH universal coupling is a commonly used coupling.Utilizing the characteristics of its structure, it can make two shafts that are not on the same axis or that have a large angle of axis or that have a large axial movement continue to rotate at equal angular speed, and transmit torque and motion simultaneously.

  • SWCBF flange couplingRelease Date: 2016-03-31

    SWCBF flange coupling is a mechanical part used to connect two shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) in different mechanisms so that they can rotate together to transmit torque.In high-speed and heavy-load power transmission, some couplings also have the function of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shafting.

  • SWC_WH couplingRelease Date: 2016-03-31

    The universal coupling is characterized by its large angular compensation capability, compact structure and transmission. SWC_WH coupling is a commonly used coupling.

  • WH slider couplingRelease Date: 2016-03-31

    The structure of the WH slider coupling is similar to that of the cross slider coupling. The difference is that the middle cross slider is a square slider. The middle slider is used to slide in the corresponding radial grooves on the end faces of the half couplings on both sides. In order to realize the coupling of the two halves of the coupling.

  • SL cross slider couplingRelease Date: 2016-03-31

    The SL cross slider coupling is also known as the metal slider coupling. It consists of two half couplings with radial grooves on the end faces and a middle slider with a tenon at each end. The two ends of the middle slider are The tenons are perpendicular to each other.

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