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  • Z14 type expansion joint sleeveZ14 type expansion joint sleeveThe main purpose of the Z14 type expansion coupling sleeve (referred to as the expansion sleeve) is to replace the connection of single keys and splines...
  • Clamping spline plum blossom elastic couplingClamping spline plum blossom elastic couplingEver-Power clamping spline plum blossom elastic coupling uses polyurethane plastic as the elastic connecting element,...
  • WGI type drum gear couplingWGI type drum gear couplingWGI type drum gear coupling so-called drum gear is to make the external teeth into a spherical surface, spherical &...
  • LXZ star elastic couplingLXZ star elastic couplingThe elastic element in the LXZ star elastic coupling is engineering plastics, the polyurethane elastic of the star coupling...
  • LZ type pin couplingLZ type pin couplingThe LZ type pin coupling has a relatively simple structure, easy to manufacture, no lubrication, no need for metal...
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  • Types of plum blossom flexible couplings and precautions for useRelease Date: 2020-10-02

    The plum blossom elastic coupling has the ability to compensate, and is suitable for working conditions where there is an offset between the two axes, and has cushioning and shock absorption properties.The coupling does not need to be lubricated and can work in dusty and humid conditions. The structure is simple and the maintenance is convenient. However, it needs to be moved when changing the elastic element.

  • Five advantages of Ever-Power mechanical plum couplingRelease Date: 2016-08-15

    The plum blossom coupling has simple structure, small radial dimension, light weight and small moment of inertia, suitable for medium and high speed occasions.Work stably, with good vibration damping, buffering and electrical insulation properties.

  • Plum blossom coupling structure and main parametersRelease Date: 2016-07-12

    Plum blossom couplings can be divided into the following five types according to the new standard "GB/T5272-2002": LM type (basic type), LMD type (single flange type), LMS type (double flange type), LMZ-I type (separated brake wheel type) and LMZ-II (integrated brake wheel type).new

  • Coupling manufacturer Ever-Power Machinery teaches you how to choose a couplingRelease Date: 2016-07-01

    Select the structure of the coupling according to the needs of the supporting host. When the coupling is used in conjunction with the brake, a coupling with a brake wheel or a brake disc should be selected; when overload protection is required, the coupling should be selected; When connecting with flange, flange type should be selected; long distance

  • Ever-Power Machinery shares the installation and operation requirements of plum couplingRelease Date: 2016-06-27

    The plum blossom coupling is a widely used coupling, also called a claw coupling, which is composed of two metal claw discs and an elastic body.The two metal claws are generally made of No. 45 steel, but aluminum alloys are also useful when load sensitivity is required.

  • The working principle of plum coupling and the key points of useRelease Date: 2016-06-22

    Plum coupling is a kind of flexible coupling. It is widely used in the transmission field of pulverized coal machine. It is widely favored by customers, such as large dosage, simple use and low price.The working principle of the plum blossom coupling is to install a whole plum blossom-shaped elastic ring on two semi-couplings with the same shape.

  • The characteristics and application scope of plum couplingRelease Date: 2016-06-18

    The plum coupling is processed by machining methods such as turning, milling, and broaching, and then undergoes overall heat treatment.In order to ensure sufficient mechanical strength, there is also a claw plate on the market that is a casting, which can be produced in large quantities and eliminates processing losses.

  • About the performance and maintenance of plum couplingRelease Date: 2016-06-14

    There are two main types of plum blossom couplings, one is the traditional straight claw type, and the other is the curved (concave) claw type zero-backlash coupling.The traditional straight-jaw type plum blossom coupling is not suitable for high-precision servo transmission applications.