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    Construction crane inspection items and crane management

    Release Date: 2020-09-10 Publisher: Ever-Power Machinery
      <XNUMX> Inspection items for construction cranes
      1. Inspection of technical data
      In the process of using the crane, the user company should require the manufacturer to provide the corresponding qualification certificate. The manufacturer should also provide the electrical schematic diagram, general diagram, main force-bearing component diagram, installation, use and maintenance instructions of the construction crane, etc., and the maintenance of the crane. Maintenance contracts and inspection reports should also be in place.
      2. The overall appearance of the construction crane
      The relevant parts of the crane should be clearly marked with the rated lifting capacity, and there should be an auxiliary maintenance platform on the construction crane for maintenance operations.The quality of the overall components of the construction crane must be up to standard. As far as the stressed components are concerned, the overall quality must be stable, and no cracks and plastic deformations should occur.When the overall stability of the crane is not possible, it should be scrapped; if the crane is dangerous due to serious plastic deformation, it should be carried out in time. The corrosion of the crane should be within 10% of the original thickness.Corresponding work should be carried out in time for the cracks, and if the work cannot be carried out, it should be scrapped.
      3. Non-destructive testing and static load test
      Non-destructive testing is mainly carried out on the main components of the crane. The plum blossom flexible coupling can use magnetic particle testing for the main stressed components; for the non-destructive testing of the web and flange plates of the main beam tension zone, ultrasonic testing can be used Or radiographic inspection.The static load test can verify the usability of the crane. The operation steps are: the crane lifts the rated load and raises it to a height of 10-20cm, and loads the load to 1.25 times without impact. The hanging time should exceed 10min, after the end of the hanging Check the relevant parts of the crane. Check whether the crane has hidden dangers.
      4. Device testing
      The devices that need to be tested for hoisting machinery mainly include: lifting limiters, overspeed protection devices, position limiters (including stroke limiters and skew adjustment devices, lifting height limiters and buffers, etc.), and wind protection devices (Including rail fixing device, rail clamping device, windproof iron shoes, anchoring device, windproof cable).During use, the above-mentioned devices are prone to problems such as damage, disassembly, or failure, and accidents can easily occur due to the lack of the device.In the process of device testing, reasonable testing methods should be adopted.
      5. Physical and chemical test
      The inspection of the chemical performance, process performance and physical performance of the crane is the main content of the physical and chemical performance test of the crane. During the whole monitoring process, the mechanical and chemical composition of the crane will be analyzed, and then the overall inspection of the material properties of the crane will be completed. Material inspection is able to meet the hardness and strength requirements of the specified standards.The personnel involved in the inspection work must also analyze the crystal corrosion, crystal grain size and inclusions in all materials, so as to understand the overall quality of the crane.
      When the crane is working, the misalignment of the coupling between the reducer and the motor of the hoisting mechanism and the luffing mechanism, or the shaft between the two due to excessive installation errors, will cause the vibration of the machine, the wear of the bearing and the shaft Deflection and deformation will cause the high-speed shaft of the reducer to break in serious cases, which poses a great threat to the normal operation of the system. From the recent several accidents of the crane reducer shaft broken, it may be caused by such factors. of.
      <XNUMX>, crane management
      (1) Improve the quality of crane construction personnel and managers.The rational use of lifting machinery and equipment is an important part of project construction in accordance with the regulations.At present, most accidents are caused by man-made damage, so it is very important to improve the quality of crane construction personnel and managers.Managers must implement strict supervision of construction personnel. Managers must not only understand the precautions for lifting machinery and knowledge of administrative management, but also have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility.If the quality of the manager and the construction staff are quite different, it will seriously affect the construction process.Therefore, crane construction personnel and managers must regularly participate in the training held by the construction unit, especially for the knowledge and construction process of cranes to learn systematically and plannedly.At the same time, strengthen the political quality of construction personnel, mobilize their active work enthusiasm and strong sense of responsibility, and establish a good demeanor and professional ethics.
      (2) Strengthen the regular inspection of lifting machinery and equipment.Due to the huge structure and complex structure of crane equipment, there are many inspection items.Each test item affects the status of lifting machinery and equipment to varying degrees, and affects the operation of the equipment.Therefore, inspection work requires personnel from the quality inspection department to conduct regular inspections of lifting machinery and equipment.Through the inspection, not only can the performance of the lifting equipment be mastered, the drum gear coupling can also improve the correct use and management of the lifting machinery and equipment by various construction units.When the quality inspection department inspects, it should pay attention to the inspector, and carry out the inspection according to the normal operation process. At the same time, it must consider whether the inspection result can accurately reflect the technical condition of the equipment and the inspection is not missing.If a hidden danger problem is detected, it needs to be carried out step by step, divided into categories: general items, important items, and critical items.When there is a problem with key items and important items, timely rectification is required, and the running machinery needs to be stopped, and remedial measures are actively adopted. The hidden dangers and local personnel have reduced the incidence of accidents.
      (3) Strengthen the repair and maintenance of lifting machinery and equipment.The repair and maintenance of lifting machinery is very important. It can not only maintain the follow-up vitality of lifting machinery, but also create long-term economic benefits for production.Some enterprises always ignore some small problems of hoisting machinery, because there are many small collections, many hidden dangers are buried.Lifting machinery is regularly repaired and maintained. Pay attention to each routine inspection: check whether the parts on the brake are loose; check whether the protection switch and limit switch are accurate and flexible; check whether there is abnormal noise in the transmission of each mechanism; check whether there is any abnormal noise on the running track Foreign objects hindering the operation of the bridge crane.Carry out repairs and maintenance according to the checked conditions, so that the hoisting machinery can operate normally without failure, so that the hoisting machinery can perform a greater degree of function.
      (4) Improve the management system. ① Establishing a complete archive of lifting machinery and equipment is one of the important means of management.Make an early record of the situation to analyze the information about the monitoring schedule and equipment status of the lifting machinery; ②Clarify the division of labor system, strengthen the law enforcement of the supervisory department, and the post system of the construction personnel; ③All personnel are familiar with and master the entire Operation process; ④Regulate daily general inspections, conduct large-scale inspections every week, and provide repairs and maintenance; ⑤Strengthen the shift system of construction personnel, and must operate normally every day; ⑥Regularly evaluate managers and construction personnel, Those who have outstanding performance will be praised and rewarded.